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Show Friends

When I go to shows, half the fun is getting to spend time with the person who goes with me. I thought I would start to give you some info so you can get to know these friends too. They are all fascinating people. Just went to Kinky Boots with Maureen Chapman Murphy. We have been friends since high school (so a very long time). Chap, as we affectionately call her, was in a bunch of theatrical things back in the day. I particularly remember her fine portrayal of Cory’s mother in The Odd Couple. She’s one of the nicest people I ever have met — and one of the funniest (she could be a humor columnist). She’s a devoted and loving mother and is one of what has become a dying breed– a long-married woman who still is in love with her really neat husband, Joe. Love you, Chap (looking forward to the next show!)


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