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Last week was a networking and people blitz as I saw old friends and met new ones in Nashville. It was nice to finally put some faces on people I only had known via email or Facebook and to catch up with others. It had been a while since I’d been in Nashville.

Enjoyed working with Torry Martin on our upcoming book of sketches for churches and meeting a bunch of people he invited out to meet literary agent Les Stobbe. He’s a treasure of knowledge and experience in the Christian publishing world and a wonderful example of a life lived for the Lord. It was a real pleasure meeting him and getting to spend some time with him.

This week I traveled on to Iowa where I’ve been spending wonderful days with old friend Donna Brinkmeyer (and her husband, Lance,) and making new friends. We toured covered bridges in Madison County and took in the state fair (which inspired the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical). It was there I finally got to “meet” the butter cow, a 600-pound sculpture of a Jersey, which I have wanted to see for years after Donna first told me about this annual highlight of the fair. It was more impressive than I could have imagined, made more spectacular by viewing it with such dear friends.

More fun will follow before heading home next week and I’m hoping the experiences and memories will spark some writing. Combining rest, good friends and fun experiences is a good catalyst. I recommend it highly.


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